Eye of Aroden decorative symbol

Welcome! We are a Pathfinder Kingmaker campaign who built a high technology high magic nation in Arcadia called Everlight. After the heroes of Arcadia Dannis- son of Aroden, Iskanderun, Isa- the archer, Griffon-the murderous, Mae, Dura-the Undying, and Chan won battles with man eating frogs, the ghost swamp, Syrinx, and the Cheliaxian empire. We retired and our children took over our jobs as the heroes of Arcadia. This is Arcadia: Next Generation and our adventures in Arcadia, Bangor, and South Arcadia. We just may not be as good at the whole world saving thing as our parents were.

—In fact our self-selected tagline is "the herald of Doom", people die all around us no matter what we try to do to save them.






Map by: Josh James

Map of Arcadia by: Josh James